Examination, Dental hygiene advice included in the price plus x rays prices if neededFREE
Periapical x ray2 000 Ft
Oral hygiene cleaning15000 Ft
Dental whitening (chair-side) 74000 Ft
PERIODONTOLOGY (for gingivitis and periodontitis)
Periodontal socket Deep cleaning per quadrant8000 Ft
Periodontal socket Deep cleaning for entire mouth plus extraction of 16 and above unsavable teeth in one or multiple sitting.100 000 Ft
Open surgrival flap 3 to 6 joint per region (Surgical treatment surgical flap + bone grafting, membrane or bioactive material if required)60 000 Ft
Gingival Recession Plastic Surgery (mucogingival surgery)80 - 150 000 Ft
Laser treatments for Gingival Recession (movable teeth rescue)15 - 50 000 Ft per teeth
COSERVING DENTISTRY (fillings, Endodontics)
Aesthetic fillings (depending on extent)15 - 22 000 Ft
Aesthetic inlay/onlay per unit75 000 Ft
Veneers (In Office)39 - 50 000 Ft
Veneers (Tech)74 000 Ft
Root Cana Therapy management Cleaning (Endomotor, apexlocator)10 - 20 000 Ft (depends on canal number)
Root Canal Therapy Filling10 - 20 000 Ft (depends on canal number)
Rebuilding broken teeth with fiberglass posts from22 000 Ft
Simple tooth extraction (two rooted) from15 000 Ft
Surgical tooth removal from35 000 Ft
Wisdom tooth removal from30 000 Ft
IMPLANTATION (dental implant price included)
Full Tech implant placement + if needed bone replacement (+ material price)145 000 Ft-/ implant
Nobel Biocare implants235 000 Ft
Inserting a Full Tech Abutment with gingival uncovery38 000 Ft
Insertion of Nobel Biocare Abutment with gingival uncovery67 000 Ft
Bones replacement (local), minilift55 000 Ft
Bone Replacement with Sinus Filling (per quadrant)145 000 Ft
Root amputation, or resection (Apicoectomy)38 000 Ft
PROSTHETICS (prosthetics)
Temporary PMMA crown is17 000 Ft
Porcelain fused to Metal crown (metal ceramic)65 000 Ft
Full ceramic (press) or zirconium ceramic75 000 Ft
Veneer (E.MAX)74 000 Ft
Full removable Denture90 - 200 000 Ft
Partially removable Denture75 000 Ft
Night Guard, Bite Lift, Tooth whitening rails (bottom or top)30 000 Ft