Conservative Dentistry

Conservative dental treatments include interventions that preserve the original integrity of the teeth, along with restoring them. This includes handling a small tooth decay or, if necessary, even performing root canal therapy. Local painless anesthesia is used in this procedure.

Aesthetic fillings

Aesthetic fillings have now completely replaced their amalgam predecessors, which offer the same color restoration as the original shade of your teeth. To meet high aesthetic expectations, we use a metal-free filler in our office, with the help of modern materials, restoring dental caries with aesthetic filling, treat broken or cracked teeth and other changes.  These types of fillings can be applied to all teeth in small to medium caries. The UV-light enhances a complete gap-free closure that is finalized by polishing. The restored teeth are similar in color and hardness to the enamel.

Root canal treatment 

When caries become so large that it causes pulpal inflammation, root canal therapy is performed in order to eradicate the problem and to save the tooth. Inflammation is caused by bacteria in dental caries that reach the pulal tissue. The most common symptom to such is the never-passing, fierce, pulsating pain.  During the treatment, we will uncover the pulpal tissue within the tooth and clean the canal, followed by a temporary disinfectant filling placed temporarily within the root canal. The same day, or after a few weeks, a final fill is made to the tooth, when the inflammation is completely eliminated, completely closing the canals, thus inhibiting bacterial reoccurrence.  Unfortunately, because the root-treated will already be a non-living, it may often become discolored over the years, causing aesthetically discomfort. In this case, we can provide a lasting solution, just ask our dentist.