Dental screenings are very important from both, a health and aesthetic point of view, so that we can preserve the integrity and the appearance of our teeth for a long time. It is worth taking part in such dental screenings at least once a year, even if there is no specific complaint or pain.

Why is regular dental screening important?

  • Even before symptoms occur, dental diseases can be prevented
  • In case of minor problems, timely treatment can prevent future, more expensive interventions
  • You receive proper oral hygiene advice
  • In the case of an already existing problem, during consultation, you can select the most effective way to handle the problem

The course of consultation:

Our doctors check the condition of the teeth and gingival tissue with the naked eye. If it is considered necessary, we take x-rays for a more accurate and precise picture. In case of a problem, we will discuss the course of treatment tailored to your needs. After this, we target the oral care of our patients with oral hygiene counseling to prevent further problems.