Missing teeth can also be replaced by fixed or removable prosthodontic solutions. In addition to having aesthetic issues, we have to account for the possible bite loss balance . In our clinic we offer a number of prosthesis solutions at a reasonable price in accordance with modern dentistry. In all cases, prostheses work is preceded by a prior consultation, where we select the best dental replacement solution for our patient.

Dental Implants

The most durable solution to missing teeth are implants. If you are interested in more about the service, visit our implants menu, where you can read more about the procedure.

Removable replacement

This procedure should be used when it is not possible to insert implants. In this case, a dental“bridge”connects the removable part. Porcelain and other metal-free crowns are available in our office.  Whichever type you choose for prosthetics, it offers a great aesthetic and lifelike denture.