Faulty Crowns

Are you experiencing hair loss and/or bleeding, sore-gums?

Faulty Crowns

Your dental crowns might be the very cause of your teeth becoming loose!

There have been several case studies presented, along with my personal experience, where upon patient examination, the x-rays reveal malfunctioning crowns with overhang parts that lead to periodontal pocketing (bone loss).  This scenario almost always occurs around teeth, where faulty crown margins meet the gingival tissue.

It is important that your dentist pays attention to such possible overhang parts on the prosthetic crowns they insert into your mouth.  One might ask, “how wrong could a lab made crown be?”

Well, here is an example of a case where the distal end (towards the back) region of the crown has an accidental overhang, which impinges on the gingival tissue.

Izabella Dental overhang margin Izabella Dental overhang margin

It is more than likely, that the problem occurred during the impression phase of the crown preparation, as the lab could not discern the actual crown margin from the gingival tissue, and therefore have overextended it.  Having such an overhang bulk in your mouth is good for nothing more than trapping unnecessary food that you cannot clean no matter how you brush. This leads to gingivitis (inflammation of gum tissue), which with time turns into periodontitis (severe inflammation with tissue degradation) and later leads to bone loss – teeth loosening due to the constant inflammation your mouth experiences.

On the picture presented, one can see the after x rays, where the crown margins have been properly leading to happy and healthy teeth.

Izabella Dental overhang margin

To avoid such problem presented above, visit your dentist and find out whether your crowns are marginally open or have overhang parts trapping food that can lead to loosening of your teeth.

Dr. Arnold Nagy

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